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Western Parking Services: Undergraduate Students Permit Application Form
University Parking Permit Application Form for
Undergraduate Students

References: Rate Schedule, Permit Information and Campus Parking Map.

Rate for Perimeter Reserved permit is $756.45 from September, 2013 to August, 2014.

Please click on the button below if you want to buy a reserved permit. If not, please proceed.

I want a reserved permit

Statement of Agreement

Do you accept the Statement of Agreement as the terms and conditions of this parking permit?
*I accept I DO NOT accept

Account Information
Please enter the following data to update/setup your parking account.
Your Status is:
* Undergraduate Student
Western email address (for example, jdoe@uwo.ca)*:
Student Number*:

Local Address Information
Local Address:
Postal Code:
Phone Number:

Home Address Information
Home Address*:
Postal Code*:
Home Phone Number*:

Vehicle Information

Vehicle 1* Vehicle 2 Vehicle 3
License Plate*: License Plate: License Plate:
Province/State*: Province/State: Province/State:
Vehicle Make*: Vehicle Make: Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Model*: Vehicle Model: Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Colour*: Vehicle Colour: Vehicle Colour:
Vehicle Type*: Vehicle Type: Vehicle Type:

Type of Permit Requested*

Please choose the type of permit according to your needs.
Please refer to Campus Parking Map for more information on lot names and locations.

I have the flexibility to park in any parking space within the Undergraduate (green) zone as space is available Please issue me an economy Non-Reserved permit so that I may park wherever there is space in one of the Undergraduate (green) zone. I understand that I am not guaranteed a space in my preferred lot every day and will park in other lots within the Undergraduate (green) zone as space is available (changes daily).

Rate for non-reserved or disabled permit is $379.25 from September, 2013 to April, 2014.

Transponder Information

All permit holders require a transponder. A $30.00 refundable deposit will be added to the cost of your permit.

Start and End Date of Permit Requested

Please indicate the desired start and end dates for your permit from this 'drop' list:*

Special Parking Arrangements

Disabled Permit Information
Ministry of Transportation Disability Permit Number:

Expiry Date:
Motorcycle Permit
Motorcycle Permit Required Motorcycle Permit Not Required

NOTE: All outstanding violations (if any) must be paid before a new permit is issued.
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